I don’t understand humanity.

Misunderstood and unappreciated… Why do people always expect the worst from me? People underestimate me, people belittle me, why? WHY do they think it is OK to walk over me and treat me like something worthless? People take advantage of me. Why are people so cruel, so mean? They try to hurt you in the harshest ways possible, they’d love to see you crack, they’d kill to see you burst out into tears. They tend to open up some scars that were once very deep and painful wounds. And sometimes, they tend to go for the healing ones that open up once again and hurt a hundred times worse than they did before and then you’re forced to go through all the healing all over again. People use your insecurities against you, people judge you based on your flaws instead of your strengths or fine-points. People are cruel, people are selfish. Deep down, everyone has their own interests at heart because in the end, who’s really there? And to trust, to trust someone, anyone? TRUST NO ONE, for no one is worth your trust. Once you trust, you’re bound to trust again, when you trust too much, all you’re going to gain from “trust” is betrayal after betrayal after betrayal. 


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